A recycling project

So my dear darling husband was in charge of the washing, and whilst I didn’t warn him and most of the things we wash go in happily at 40 degrees, he’s still getting the blame. My cosy red cardigan made of delicious warm Shetland wool, which I’ve had since my uni days when my housemate discarded it in my direction, is now nicely felted. It’s not shrunk a great deal, but it has a zip, which means it’s puckered and is totally unwearable.

DSCF8420It’s been in a pile of items which I intend to do something with someday, so today was that day, at least for this cardigan. Anyone living in the UK will know that winter isn’t over yet, despite today being a gorgeous sunny day it’s still pretty chilly outside… and any yarn fan will know you can’t have too many hats, scarves and gloves. Lots of people are making mittens from the body of sweaters but as the cardigan hasn’t shrunk too much and the pockets and zip would cause me issues I decided to go with the sleeves. This also means there is lots of cardigan left to make something else with – I have my eye on the cord but I’m not sure what for yet.

DSCF8422So first I thought about mittens, but I’m constantly pulling them off to use my fingers so I decided on fingerless mitts. I used a seam ripper from my sewing kit to make thumb holes in the existing seams and ta-dah!

DSCF8452Bland… in need of embellishment and I had the perfect thing – DMC Petra (Size 3), 100% cotton thread in a matching red. I did a blanket stitch edge round the raw edges and crocheted on wavy edging. Then I discovered a couple of little black hearts designed by Planet June that I made a few years back and that have been looking for a home. I had one of the medium hearts and one large one so I appliqued these onto the the mitts. Pleased with the final result. As I said you can never have too many woolly accessories.DSCF8481


Got to start somewhere…

Ok, so I’m making some tiny tentative steps into the world of blogging, I’m not sure if it’s for me but I’ve got to give it a try to know. I’m an avid crochet fan, dabbler in many crafts including polymer clay and a keen DIYer. I freelance technical edit for a crochet magazine and design a few bits and bobs here and there. I love cooking and destoying our house with my husband in my free time. Please bear with me as I find my way around this new and interesting blogging world.