Easter Project

It wouldn’t be a proper Easter weekend without a little DIY project. I picked up this chair at reclamation yard back in January for £20. Destined to be my husband’s new office chair it’s been languishing in the living room with all the tools and dust sheets looking sorry for itself ever since.

DSCF9475The original idea was to paint it bright yellow in Annie Sloan chalk paint, the sort that requires little preparation and paints over pretty much anything. I picked up this upholstery fabric for a seat pad for my own chair and thought it could work for both bringing a bit of unity to our shared office space.

DSCF9479And then I started sanding the chair, because while the chalk paint goes over anything, even varnished surfaces, this chair needed a bit of love before painting. The cracked and peeling varnish came off so easily that half way through I had a change of heart and decided it might look lovely simply waxed rather than painted.

DSCF9477I had to call on the other half to finish the sanding as my wretched wrist started bothering me but it meant I got on and covered the seat pad. I didn’t bother removing the original material as it wasn’t torn or damaged. With the help of a staple gun (everyone should own one) and a few very short minutes it was done. Rather than finishing the underside like the original, with another piece of fabric I turned all the edges under and caught them under the staples for a neat edge. Nobody’s going to look but I’d know!

DSCF9480A coat of beeswax polish and I’m really pleased with how it’s turned out.



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