Where does the time go?

Where does the time go? That pretty much sums out how the last few weeks have gone, it’s not that I don’t feel a lot has been achieved, just that I really thought I’d find time to do more crochet.

Lots of other things have taken priority, the floors have all come up in our living room and been insulated and like all DIY projects in Victorian properties it wasn’t quite as simple as that. It might also be the reason I’ve not managed much crochet as the sofa is my chosen crochet location and it’s been under dust sheets. I have, however, done lots of baking. The sun came out for a very short while and then it hid away again and I’m finding it hard to move away from winter recipes so we’ve had homemade pies, nutty apple loaf from the hummingbird bakery cookbook, which is divine, and old school recipes like treacle tart and jam tarts.

I’m slowly working away at my summer top pattern which is not holding much appeal when it’s so dreary and cold outside. Here’s a little peak at the swatch I made in DMC Natura Just Cotton. The swatch is in Curry (N74) but I’m making the vest in Moss Green (N75) which is brighter and yellower (Is that even a word?)DSCF8514I’ve managed a few squares of my granny square blanket and been working on a few home accessories for Simply Crochet and that’s about it. I have had my head down working on a couple of tech features for a publication coming out later in the year so I’ll keep you posted when that comes out. It’s been a very long time since I’ve put pen to paper and the last time I wrote over 2000 words is over a decade ago so it’s been an enjoyable challenge.

The next project to add to my ever growing list will be a summer scarf pattern for Simply Crochet which I’m very excited about. I like to wear scarves all year round and made from beautiful Manos Serena it’ll be perfect for summer.

DSCF8796Next time I post I’ll have more progress pictures to show I hope!



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